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get the most out of yourself 

every sporter wants to be fit and prevent injurry's, that is why it is so importend for a (top)sporter to train the joints and mussels the right way to prevent injurry's and stay fit. 

professional (top)sport guidance is very important to keep yourself at the top of the game. 


before we start with te personal trainingsession we do extensive tests to give te trainer a clear vision then, durning the training session we will work systhematically on the following aspalts to het the most out of your training. 

  • flexibility 

  • Balance 

  • Plyometric (the ability to make a fast and powerfull movement with the whole body)

  • power 

  • Condition 


We offer top sport guidance to teams and induviduals. With our top sports specialist, you stay in top of the game as a amature of as an profesional. and Reduce your chances of injury's  

in the topsportguidance 

in our (top)sportguidance is our specialaised fysiotherapeut there to think with you about your wishes  to het the most out of yourself and improve your preformance 

in our (top)sport guidance you can make a use of the sport specific trainings scheduales to recover or get stronger faster. 


Institute for sport and physical therapy

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