We will help you to get back in the saddle after an injury or complaint.  Ankle, knee, neck, back, or shoulder: the area of injury can differ, but will all fall under our areas of expertise. By making an assessment and forming an individual treatment plan we will do our best to have you back in the saddle as soon as possible.

We help you become better

In sport rehabilitation we examine your complaint in detail.
In consultation with you and your physician, we draw up a treatment or rehabilitation plan.
Your complaints are viewed by us in a broader perspective than just the zone where the pain is located.
We look at your complete body chain. Because in sport rehabilitation not only the "what", but also the "why" is important. So there will be a faster and a greater chance of recovery.
We bring you back to your old level in a responsible manner and reduce the chance of relapse through a correct approach.

On The field

Our exercise room is specially equipped for sports rehabilitation.

In this way we can optimally serve athletes with their focus on Horses.

There is the possibility to continue your rehabilitation on the field, so on the horses you are used to.

We give you specific advice when it comes to improving your performance and preventing injuries. We can also consult with your trainers & entourage. Together we do everything we can to get you fit again as soon as possible!


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