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Institute for Sport and Physical Therapy

ISP was founded in 2003 to make a difference in top sports guidance, with a science-based approach. Through cooperation with various professionals, we can support each other in knowledge and education that is necessary to guide professional athletes.

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Isabeau Deckers

Isabeau Deckers 

MSc, BSc (hon) - CSP, ACPAT (Veterinary) Physiotherapist 

PhD student, Hartpury University 

My ambitions are to contribute to the welfare and performance of sport horses and their riders. These ambitions source from my innate passion for sport horses, which I gained growing up between horses and competing up to an international level in show jumping. In my early riding/ (Veterinary) Physiotherapy career, I had the privilege to work with athletes from different equestrian disciplines, such as para-dressage, racing, show jumping, eventing and dressage. The biomechanics of the horse-rider coupling fascinates me inexorably, no matter the discipline or competition level. Based on the latter fascination for horse-rider biomechanics, I endeavour to explore the equine research field complementary to my practical work with horses and riders. This endeavour led to the launch of my Doctoral study at Hartpury University in 2020, in which we are investigating the spinal non-linear dynamics in loaded sport horses. The combination of the research projects, the riding, and the physiotherapy keeps me very much engaged with different aspects of the equine industry and enables me to relate with multidisciplinary equestrian professionals. EquiPage is definitely one of my favourite examples of these relations. 

  • Master with honours Veterinary Physiotherapy (UK) 

  • Master with honours Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy (BE) 

  • Basic trainer and instructor at the Neo-Classical School of the Art of Horsemanship (NL) 

  • Fascial and functional movement taping, Rocktape (UK) 

  • Equine sports massage (BE) 


Puck Lemmens

Personal Trainer

My name is Puck Lemmens, 21 years old and I come from a small village Maarheeze, where I still live now. When I was seven, I came into sport with the sports world, especially with team sports. I played football until I was 16, I continued with fitness and strength sports. I also started the sports training. After a successful internship at a gym in Eindhoven, I had offered a job there that I used with both hands. I work here as a fitness instructor and I have learned many courses and courses to stay myself. I wanted to focus on people, on individual attention, motivation and perseverance. Since 2018 I have started an internship at the ISP-Group where I have received many growth opportunities. I think it's very important that people enjoy their training. Of course, a successful workout will also have moments of abandon and confrontation, but that only makes you stronger. No pain no gain.

  • Trainer Activate Personal Training & Coaching

  • Spinning instructeur 

  • Movement agogist 

  • ISP-Massage therapist


Serge Spooren

Personal Trainer

After obtaining my Bachelor in Physical Education, Biology and English, I became the proud owner of ISP-Spooren.Are you looking for someone who can help you with sports rehabilitation and personal training, then you are  at the right place.I have been playing in the highest division of Belgian handball since 2010 and in 2015 I made my debut for the national handball team. In that period I have gained a lot of relationships with physiotherapists, (sports) doctors and other top athletes. With the knowledge and experience in practice and training, I want to help you in achieving your personal goals!

  • Bachelor Physical Education

  • Bachelor Biology

  • Bachelor English

  • Pro Athlete Belgian National handball team

  • ISP-Personal Coach

  • ISP-Massage therapist

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Charlotte De Bruyne

MSc Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Founder of Equinésio

Growing up, I realised I wanted to work with horses for a living, but I didn’t feel like the traditional paths of becoming a rider, livery owner or veterinarian suited me.

I didn’t want to just “work with horses”, I wanted to make them feel better, and help them perform and feel the best way they can.

I graduated as a human physiotherapist at the University of Antwerp and continued my education in the MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy course at Hartpury University.


My work is aimed at optimising animals’ quality of life, by improving their function and movement. To achieve this, I draw from a wide knowledgebase of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and psychology. Using evidence-based techniques, I the animal, painting a clear picture of treatable parameters in the form of a problem list. 
I believe in a multidisciplinary approach, working together with veterinarians, farriers, saddle and bit fitters, trainers, grooms and owners to obtain the best results for our animals.


-- Because every horse is an athlete

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Steven Schuurmans

Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, owner ISP-group.

The "Institute for Sport and Physical Therapy" opened its doors on May 15, 2003 for its clients in the Salzburger Land (Austria). Since then, the ISP has expanded to 40 employees, they all work in the sportsworld.

  • Teacher Physical Education

  • Physical Therapist

  • Redbull Austria (Various extreme sports)

  • PSV Eindhoven (Soccer)

  • Teacher university of applied sciences Eindhoven


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